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Professional Knife Sharpening, Scissor Servicing & Clipper Sharpening service

for both domestic and commercial customers.

We understand the need for professional people to have access to a professional and reliable sharpening service.

We have tried to make our service as simple and efficient as possible. We keep in contact with our clients throughout the whole process. It is straight forward and cost effective as we aim to have your items back to you within about 3 working days (Depending on how many items you send).

There are 3 basic steps that need to be followed:

Step 1

 Collect your items up together and print off our PDF Order Form. Complete the form  and carefully wrap the items ready to be posted. See our details on wrapping advice.

Step 2

Take your package to the post office and send it to the address on our postage label you can print off. We recommend that you send it via Recorded Delivery to ensure it arrives  safely.

Step 3

We will then professionally sharpen your items and repack them  for return.  Before we despatch them we will ring you to take a card payment for the service and confirm when we are sending them via recorded delivery.  In the package we will include an invoice and your copy of your card receipt. Our grateful  thanks come as standard for using our service


When you receive your sharpened items we must warn you that they will extremely sharp. You must take every precaution to prevent injury to yourself and others when using them, as we cannot accept any  liability for accident or injury caused due to the professional process that they have been subjected to.

The Sharpening Man 2013 Please see our “Terms & Conditions” For those who appreciate A Sharp Knife Please Note  New Address  &  Phone number Please Note We do not sharpen Ceramic Blades